Sweet, soothing, and achingly beautiful, A Bedtime Story is a wonderfully relatable read for parents no matter which part of the bedtime journey they're currently on.


About the book

As young children grow, their bedtime rituals morph and change.

‘A Bedtime Story’ represents the journey of sleep in babies and young children.

This book is a journey through sleep development in young children, smooshed together with the raw and relatable experience of families everywhere – with a little help from some lovable sleepy time pals.

Parents love it for the solidarity and peace of mind.

Children love it for the quirky, cuddly sleep monsters that may just a little too familiar.

a bedtime story

about the author

Denise Gassner has a PhD in Biology and Anthropology, and has been researching and teaching on various aspects of behaviour for over a decade. She turned her attention to sleep after becoming a mom to her own little sleep monsters and being both fascinated and perplexed by how unnatural sleep can feel in those early years.

As a researcher, an educator, and a mom, Denise is driven to help make sleep less of a mystery for new parents. Through her gentle and developmentally-informed approach, she has supported hundreds of parents in discovering a sleep groove that adheres to their unique parenting styles and family values. Denise lives in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia, with her husband, two children, and their pup (who has no trouble sleeping).


Denise is available for workshops and speaking engagements!

Book a read-aloud and public sleep education session for parents of children ages 0-5 years.

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