If sleep is natural, why is it soooo hard to come by with a new baby?

Many of us believe that because sleep is such a common behaviour – we all do it every day for almost 30% of our day! – that our babies will just follow suit. 

When they are tired, they will sleep. Right?!

This may be the case for the first few weeks, when the world is so new and exhausting that it takes very little for them to nod off. 

But as they mature and develop, it becomes harder and harder to come by…well….naturally. 

This is because there is not a behaviour MORE DIFFERENT from being awake than being asleep. And that’s a huge transition to go through for a baby multiple times a day, everyday. 

The body and the brain are searching for cues that it is time to take that big leap into dreamland. And there are certain things in the environment that help the body switch from its active alert state to the relaxed state of slumber. 

Setting the MOST sleep-promoting environment for your baby will make that transition so much easier to come by.

So that your baby can get the rest and restoration they need to learn and grow. 

Want to set your baby up for success in sleep??

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