Nap Diagnostic

Fix that schedule!

Baby naps got you down?

You know how important that daytime sleep is for your little one.

Good naps = good nights, right?

But no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can’t for the life of you get a consistent schedule out of your baby.

First nap is 30 minutes. Second nap is 45. You’re supposed to have a wake window of no more than 2 hours before bed, but that puts bedtime at….. 5pm??

Not to mention that a 30 minute nap is barely enough time for you to pee in peace and scroll your insta feed.

Naps matter:

  • they are physiologically restorative for your growing baby
  • they release the mounting pressure that builds while your baby attends to and learns about the big wide world around
  • they help your little one to regulate emotions, reducing irritability and allowing them to happily explore and engage
  • they keep baby rested, helping baby to fall asleep with ease and reducing the frequency of nighttime wakings
  • they give you a little break and time to restore your battery too

Find that rhythm you've been working so hard for.

There’s so much advice and information out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

And sleep needs morph and change with development, making it feel like as soon as you’ve finally got this sleep thing down, you’re on to the next major transition.

What I know to be true:

Sleep needs are based on biology AND behaviour

These needs morph and change with development

It is often not obvious what is disrupting a baby's sleep rhythm

This is not a "how to sleep train your baby"

There’s a lot of misinformation and unsolicited advice circulating in the “how to parent” world.

Not here.

This diagnostic is designed to help you:

  • quickly identify the crucial elements in your baby’s daytime sleep
  • easily and intentionally align biology with behaviour to keep the body in happy agreement
  • prioritize the small adjustments that you can make to find that sweet spot in your baby’s sleep rhythms.

Better naps in 2 easy steps:

Simple & actionable guidance for improving your baby's nap routine

Start with a…

quick, “choose-your-own-adventure” style diagnostic to pinpoint exactly what’s interrupting your baby’s nap rhythm

Followed by…

evidence-based and actionable advice to help your baby achieve the needed amount of daytime sleep

Can be used again and again as your baby grows

(from 0 to 15 months of age)

Help extend the nap

Wouldn't it feel good to:

Be confident that your baby is getting the sleep they need?

Have predictability in your routine so you can get the most out of your day?

Relish in those waking moments with a smiley babe?

 I love this! Super convenient and easy to follow. I followed the trajectory I would have answered in the middle of our napping problems, and it was spot on with what worked for us! Love the addition of a quick table with average sleep/wake times. The less places I need to look, the better!

— Rachel, mama of one.

What's included?
Get answers to all your questions about:

  • day/night confusion
  • sleep-promoting environment
  • feeding rhythms
  • setting positive sleep associations
  • forming independent sleep habits
  • extending short naps
  • biological systems alignment
  • nap transitions

….and MORE