Toddler Sleep Cue Cards

Toddlers LOVE to avoid bedtime at all costs. There are just too many other cool things to be doing besides sleeping. So how to convince your little mischief maker to just stay in bed?!?

Research shows that when performed in a consistent chain of events, a pre-sleep routine is associated with an earlier bedtime, falling asleep faster, longer nighttime sleep duration, and fewer night awakenings.

The trick is to use each piece of the routine to cue the next one, so the sequence is clearly communicated, predictable, and eventually leads to bedtime. The use of cue cards can be an excellent visual reinforcement to help your little one keep track of the sequence.

These helpful little cue cards aid in:

Making the pre-sleep routine as crystal clear as possible


Giving your little one some agency in the sequence

Simply print them off, arrange in your desired sequence, and let your toddler manage switching to the next task!