Regression Survival Guide

Fix that schedule!

This is not a "how to sleep train your baby"

We all want to be the best we can be for our babies. Nurturing. Attuned. Responsive.

You need not sacrifice attachment for sleep.

This guide is designed to help you:

  • understand what’s going on beneath the surface with your baby’s maturing sleep
  • easily and intentionally align biology with behaviour to keep the body in happy agreement
  • use positive reinforcement and positive associations to give your baby confidence and security in the sleep space

Understand your baby's sleep from it's core.

There’s no shortage of advice out there on how you might approach this stage.

Not to mention the endless gimmicks that are marketed to breeze you right through. 

But so much of baby sleep comes from recognizing what’s going on beneath the surface, and then having clear, evidence-based strategies to help guide you along. 

What I know to be true:

Sleep needs are based on biology AND behaviour

Sleep is a learned behaviour

Your baby looks to you for cues on how to sleep

Improve sleep in 4 actionable steps:

Four steps to better sleep

Learn about your baby’s sleep…

feel empowered to choose an evidence-informed approach

Get that rhythm down…

find an age-appropriate daily rhythm that works for you

Choose sleep associations wisely…

select associations that are going to promote an easy transition into sleep

Positively reinforcement the sleep space…

help your baby feel confident and secure in their sleep space every time

(from 4 to 6 months of age)

"But my baby was sleeping so well!"

No doubt about it, the four month sleep regression can hit like a ton of bricks. And just when you thought you had this whole sleep business down.

Unlike other sleep regressions, the four month regression is actually a maturation of the sleep system. It is not something that will simply go away once the developmental stage is complete.

What is the 4 month sleep regression:

  • a change in the way your baby sleeps
  • a period of rapid learning and development
  • a pivotal period in future sleep

What's included?
Get answers to all your questions about:

  • your baby’s changing sleep
  • the most sleep-promoting environment
  • age-appropriate daily sleep rhythms
  • setting positive sleep associations
  • forming independent sleep habits

….and MORE

“Of all the resources available your guide was the only one that clicked”