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Hi, I'm Dr. Denise.

Sleep Specialist. Educator. Mama

I have been where you are. Twice.

Through the all night wakings. The restrictive schedules. The feeding struggles. And the feeling that I must be missing out on some secret magic sauce for making this sleep business a little bit easier.

I trialled allll the sleep training advice and techniques boasted out there (blindly) and put my decade of research expertise into action to try to crack this mystery of baby sleep. And I’ve learned a little something along the way.

I want to save you the headache and pass on to you everything I have uncovered through research, experience and supporting hundreds of families in their sleep journeys.

Don’t worry. There’s nothing prescriptive about it. I value your unique parenting style and the special bond that you have with your baby.

Introducing our online program

Why All the Fuss?

Attachment-led sleep support done your way

Register for Our Sleep Workshop Series

Each of our workshops is offered in a Live, interactive format and is designed to help you understand your baby’s sleep from the inside out.


❌No rigid sleep training methods

❌No blanket approaches


Just a deeper understanding of your baby’s morphing sleep across the most critical years of growth and development.

sleep workshops

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*Multiple dates and times available to fit your schedule*

Prefer to DIY?

Download Our Most Popular Sleep Resources

regression survival guide

This guide is designed to help you:

  • understand what’s going on beneath the surface with your baby’s maturing sleep
  • easily and intentionally align biology with behaviour to keep the body in happy agreement
  • use positive reinforcement and positive associations to give your baby confidence and security in the sleep space
fix that schedule

This diagnostic is designed to help you:

  • quickly identify the crucial elements in your baby’s daytime sleep
  • easily and intentionally align biology with behaviour to keep the body in happy agreement
  • prioritize the small adjustments that you can make to find that sweet spot in your baby’s sleep rhythms.

These helpful little cue cards aid in:

Making the pre-sleep routine as crystal clear as possible


Giving your little one some agency in the sequence

Simply print them off, arrange in your desired sequence, and let your toddler manage switching to the next task!

Explore Our Free Resources

Sleep Schedules Templates

Fully customizable sleep schedules for children ages 0-3+

Forming Independent Sleep Habits

Choose what’s right for you and leave the rest behind

Best Baby Sleep Environment

Science-approved steps to a sleep promoting-environment

Our Philosophy

At MIMC, we understand that baby sleep is both a biological need AND a learned behaviour.

These two driving forces need to align for your baby to transition happily and confidently into the sleep state. Rather than giving you a prescriptive A-B-C to the perfectly sleeping baby, we are all about uncovering the why.

There’s no one way to achieve this alignment. Every parenting style is different. Every baby temperament is different. Every relationship is different.

Why do babies sleep when they do? Why do they need so much of it? Why do they resist sleep when they are clearly tired? And why does sleep change across development?

And then using this as a means of empowering and guiding your choices as a parent.

Tapping in to understand sleep from its core, to really appreciate the internal landscape of your baby, and to let this inform the structures and rhythms that you put in place, allows you to be proactive instead of reactive to your baby’s sleep needs.

All the while preserving that oh-so-important attachment that you have with your little one.

1:1 Sleep Support Services

Trusted and Respectful Sleep Guidance

Through these sessions, I take the guess-work out of those emotionally charged moments.

I provide you with the insight to anticipate sleep challenges before they occur, giving you the tools to be proactive in your approach to your baby’s sleep – because, let’s be real, none of us fairs well in those sleep-deprivation infused wee morning hours 😉

MimC Sleep Shop

Home of the Sleep Monsters!


Snuggly, sleepy time pals that resist sleep in the same way your little sleep monsters do!

sleep monster plushies

Each Sleep Monster comes with our signature Healthy Sleep, Healthy Start guide for understanding your child’s sleep (ages 0 to 5 years).

Never be in the dark about your child’s sleep again.


30% of all sales is donated to charities helping children around the world get a good night’s sleep.

Planet friendly. People friendly. Parent friendly.

Client Love!

Not your typical "sleep expert"

“I can’t say enough about Denise and MIMC—she’s the superstar sleep whisperer with extensive education, experience and testimonials to prove it. I did my homework, reviewing and even trialing the most popular sleep training plans for months, prior to serendipitously stumbling upon an article Denise wrote. Upon review of her website, I literally had an instant and desperate urge to connect with her—I knew she would be my ticket to weaning the last night feed, which seemed daunting and exhaustingly impossible after 14 months of sleep deprivation! Denise is not your typical “sleep expert.” She isn’t a healthcare-related professional claiming “sleep expert.” Denise is THE PRO, with a PhD in neuroscience. She truly knows all things sleep-related. Not to mention, she is a MOM of two littles with real life and relatable experiences. Yes, she too, has been sleep deprived. She too has spent countless hours on the floor of her baby’s crib, desperate for “just one more hour.” MIMC is affordable, effective, and personal. This is not a typical cookie-cutter, one size-fits-all sleep teaching program. If you want an individualized sleep plan that works for your family, look no further, Denise is your gal!”

– Kohleen, first time mama

Practical and Down to Earth

“Denise helped us navigate some serious sleep struggles with my second born. She was patient, listened and helped make a plan collaboratively, which matched our values and our little guy. Her extensive knowledge helps shed some light on the “why” babies do what they do; however, it’s her practical and down to earth strategies/advice that made navigating these sleep challenges less lonely for both myself and my husband. We now have lots of tricks in our toolbox to help our little guy adapt to new environments and get the sleep he needs. Highly recommend!”

– Dini, mom of two

Support, Reassurance, and Tailored Advice

“After one 60 min chat with Denise, we received the support, reassurance and tailored advice we needed to help our 4-month old smile in his own bed and have improved sleep. I wish had contracted Denise when my first was a baby — a lot of crying and sleepless nights could have been avoided.”

-Ciara, mama of two

Our entire home is healthier and happier

“I was absolutely lost when I began my search for a sleep consultant. My daughter was sleeping relatively well at night, but wouldn’t nap throughout the day, which meant a lot of tear-filled days for both of us. A friend referred me to Denise, and I’m so grateful that she did. Denise was able to find solutions that were comfortable for me to implement, and supported me throughout the entire process. She has a solid understanding of child development and explained everything to me in a very fact-based, straight forward manner, which was excellent for me. Within a couple of weeks my daughter was on a nap schedule, and is now sleeping regularly throughout the day, and sleeping well at night. Our entire home is much healthier and happier because of Denise. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for knowledgeable support.”

-Christina, first time mama

Invest in yourself, your sanity, and your sleep

“Stop reading about Denise and Just. Book. Her. I followed so many sleep consultants on social media and read so many of their blogs, but it was so confusing to try to wade through all of the (often conflicting) information. Even though I have an older kiddo, the second time around didn’t seem any easier on the sleep front.

Fortunately, a mutual friend recommended Denise. Her professional qualifications hooked me immediately, but it was her ability to communicate and her empathy that really sold me on her services. All of those capabilities and skills came through during my time working with her. Within a few days, my 17-week-old baby was going into her crib at night and falling asleep on her own. After a few more days, she was napping independently. And when we hit some trouble with frequent nap wakings, Denise immediately made time to assess the problem and discuss new strategies.

Invest in yourself, your sanity, and your sleep. Book with There’s a Monster in My Closet!”

-Laura, mama of two