You have more important things to focus on than SLEEP

New parenthood is one big learning curve. Wouldn't it be nice to have one less thing on your "parent things to worry about" list?

10 days. 10 emails. 10 steps to healthy, happy sleep.

What I know to be true:

  • sleep is a hella polarizing topic
  • there is a LOT of conflicting advice out there
  • guidance is full of quick blanket fixes that don’t last

What if you could:

  • be confident that your baby is getting the sleep they need to learn and grow
  • understand why your baby’s sleep changes and anticipate the setbacks before they happen
  • avoid the guilt and desperation of coping with months of sleep deprivation
  • have a baby that sleeps wherever they are and can be put down by whomever they’re with
  • have a toddler that ASKS to go to be when tired and does so without resistance
  • get the rest YOU need to nurture your family and yourself

All the while maintaining that oh-so-important attachment with your little one

mom and baby smiling at each other

"Why All the Fuss?"

Attachment-led sleep support done YOUR way

Get peace of mind and find a healthy sleep groove for your whole family.

Leave the rigid training methods behind.

This dashboard offers you:

Trusting and respectful sleep guidance

A deep and connected understanding of your baby's developing sleep

A baby that is confident and secure in their sleep space

tools to respond to sleep challenges with gentle composure

Flexibility to create a sleep vision that stays true to you

Hi I'm Dr. Denise!

Sleep specialist. Educator. Mama

I’ve been where you are. Twice!

I trialled allll the sleep training advice and techniques, trying desperately to discover a path that resonated for me and my two babies. And when I wasn’t satisfied with the fixes focusing on the what instead of the why, I put my decades of behavioural research expertise into action to try to crack this mystery of baby sleep.

And I’ve learned a little something along the way. I want to save you the headache and pass on to you everything I have uncovered through research, experience and supporting hundreds of families in their sleep journeys.

Don’t worry. There’s nothing prescriptive about it. I value your unique parenting style and the special bond that you have with your baby.

When not wearing my mom-hat, I am a primate-loving, evolutionary-biology-teaching, neuroscience-studying, behaviour-examining, globe-trotting PhD who loves to dance it out and sleep. Always sleep.

Not another rigid "sleep training" program

There’s a lot of misinformation and unsolicited advice circulating in the “how to parent” world.

Not here.

I have carefully and intentionally designed this program to give you the resources you need to improve your family’s sleep YOUR WAY, while still remaining true to you.

❌No robot babies.

❌No sacrificing attachment.

😴Just the sleep you need and want.

How it works:

10 days, 10 emails, 10 steps to healthy, happy sleep

When you sign up for Why All the Fuss, you will receive an email a day for 10 days linking you to one step in your path to a healthy, restorative sleep foundation for your baby. 

You will gain access to over 4 hours of video content broken into bite-sized digestible pieces and complemented by clear written summaries, templates, and downloadables.

PLUS, you will receive our complete support booklet to reference key steps, track your progress, and peek into what lies ahead in your baby’s development.

  • an email a day for 10 days
  • over 4 hours of video lessons (delivered in bite sized pieces) 
  • easy to consume summaries and actionable steps to better sleep
  • our complete support booklet with reference materials, templates, progress trackers, and more

Let’s be besties 💙

mom with two kids


Parenthood can be an isolating experience. It can also filled with expectations, uncertainties, and insecurity.

All fuelled by the desire to be everything to those beautiful little humans.

Yes I know sleep. But I also know the ebbs and flows of parenthood. And that expectations and reality don’t always align.

In welcoming you into this community, I want you to have a space that you can lean into.

A space where you can feel comfortable asking the sticky questions and discovering new strategies that you can trust. A space where you don’t have to go at it alone.


What's Inside:

Milestone One: Understanding Sleep Behaviour

Day One

How do babies sleep?

Day Two

Learning how to sleep

Milestone Two: Setting a Sleep-Promoting Environment

Day three

Preparing baby for sleep

Day four

The best baby sleep environment

Milestone Three: Flowing into Sleep

Day five

Finding your sleep rhythm

Day six

Tackling daytime sleep

Day Seven

Extending nighttime sleep

Milestone Four: Establishing Your Approach

Day eight

What causes sleep regressions

Day nine

Attachment-led sleep support

Day ten

Establishing long term sleep habits

Topics include: sleep developments, how sleep is regulated, sleep as a learned behaviour, sleep regressions as progressions, why environment matters, establishing a pre-sleep routine, best baby sleep environment, sleep associations, schedules, feeding and sleep, short naps, nap transitions, early morning wakings, gradual night weaning, the 4, 8, and 15 month regressions, the truth about “sleep training” and attachment, guiding independent sleep, holding yourself accountable

Resources when you need them most.

Sleep challenges don’t always occur on a predictable schedule.

You often don’t realize you’re in it, until you’re in it.

Leave the guesswork behind with access to all of the intel that you need for the first 18 months of your little one’s life.

Milestones. Major developments. Tricky transitions. Gentle fading approaches.

Evidence-based and clinically-supported information you can trust at your fingertips, 24/7.

trusted sleep resources

Is this program right for me?

This is the PERFECT place for you if:

  • You’re in the first year with your baby (you’re supported through the first 18 months)
  • You’re tired
  • Meeting your baby’s needs is your number one priority
  • YOU are also a priority
  • You’re struggling to find a sleep groove in your household

This is NOT the place for you if:

  • You’d rather just let things play out and see what happens
  • You’re looking for a rigid a to z path to sleep
  • You desire zero structure in your routine
  • You don’t like to understand your child’s behaviour
  • You’d rather fly by the seat of your pants

Your Investment Matters

I get it. It’s super tough to spend money on something that you think might just get better with time. And sleep is one of those topics that’s extra personal on the parent front.

But I know so many parents that will commonly drop hundreds of dollars on the newest gimmick on the market that ensures the BEST sleep possible for your little (hello motorized bassinets, fancy lullaby machines, new-aged monitors, bedtime apps).

Or they wait until they are in absolute desperation and hire a sleep consultant on a whim, ready to “try anything” to find a solution to their sleep woes.

This program is not meant to be a blanket fix. Nor does it boast some magic potion that will solve all sleep behaviour. Instead, this program gives you the tools and the skillset to navigate each and every sleep challenge as it comes, with flexibility, confidence, and compsure.

And an understanding of where to focus your limited energy that will meet your baby where they are at developmentally. At each stage of the game.

But what I really don’t want is for you to just accept poor sleep as a part of parenthood. Because even though it seems that sleep should just come naturally – we all do it, after all – the behaviours surrounding falling asleep comfortably and happily are 100% learned. And you are your babe’s fave teacher.

This is not your typical sleep “training” program. Here you’re getting all the intel not so much for WHAT to do (though there’s lots of this too), but for HOW and WHY sleep is one of the most important things you can give to your little one… and to yourself.


Total Value:

Client Love:


Very grateful for the guidance and advice. Both the access to the resources, but also having the opportunity to ask questions and get answers on the particular problems you are having with your child’s sleep (as opposed to generalized recommendations) is really priceless when you’re in the thick of sleep problems.

Flexibility and Understanding

I really appreciate the tips and Denise's flexibility and understanding of my parenting style. It's so nice to work within my ideals but make progress towards independent sleep

Simple and evidence-based

Denise came in with a well-researched in with a well-researched interpretation of our sleep issues based on some very clear milestones and stages. It felt like the more natural and supportive solutions that I could easily understand made all the difference. I loved the simple approach and the ability to tailor to my baby's needs.


How is the content delivered

Full access is yours immediately upon enrolment. Content is packaged into bite sized pieces with a commitment of less than 20 minutes per day – because, let’s be real, we’re all parents here. It is a completely self-paced package – you decide when you start and when you finish. 

You will be sent daily emails for 10 days with focus topics and content reminders.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have access to the video lectures and content for 6 months after purchase. 

The support guide and downloadables are yours to keep.

The community is available to you as long as you need it. 

Is there crying involved in this program?

Babies cry to communicate changes to what is familiar to them. Babies also have different temperaments and ways of responding to parental care. So while some crying is likely, this program offers options to respond to your baby in a gentle and graduated way. There are no rigid cry it out (CIO) steps to follow – you can tailor your support in a way that feels comfortable to you given your unique family values and structures. 

Do I have to night wean my baby?

Absolutely not. Feeding can remain an important piece of your daily and nightly routine. You will learn strategies to space out feeds in an age-appropriate manner and understand the difference between wakings out of hunger and behavioural wakings.

Is room-sharing an option while following this program?

Yes! If you are room sharing, you can still implement the strategies discussed to help facilitate longer bouts of more restorative sleep (for you and your baby).

Put your sleep worries to rest with a deep understanding and appreciation of your baby's sleep development and a clear path to realize your family's sleep vision

Buy "Why All the Fuss" today and get on the path to a healthy sleep foundation